We draw on ancient wisdom, modern science and the I AM consciousness to create natural products that deliver fast-acting, sustainable results and support healthy lifestyle choices. Through these ENLIGHTENED CREATIONS and our I AM Community, we live our mission to revitalize and elevate people and transform the planet.

Our vision is to merge the knowledge of centuries of spiritual and medicinal wisdom with modern science to create the highest quality lifestyle products and build an expanding platform for sharing transformational content and shifting the collective consciousness of the world.

We choose the ancient symbol, the Flower of Life, as the emblem for our logo, not only for its intricate beauty, but also for the profound secrets of creation held within its overlapping petals. Studied by DaVinci and known to global civilizations from Ireland to India for thousands of years, the Flower of Life provides a key to the wisdom of sacred geometry and beyond – including ratios found in nature, music, mathematics and chemistry. It symbolizes the life running through all living creatures, and our delicate balance and connection to all of nature, the earth, and the universe.