» » Cheers to September: It’s a Natural Time to Shift Inward, Press Pause and Reset

Cheers to September: It’s a Natural Time to Shift Inward, Press Pause and Reset

New Year’s – specifically, January marking the start of the whole “New Year, New You” concept – simply doesn’t work. AND… you’ve intuitively known this all along.

Think about it.

When was the last time you actually attempted to come up with (let alone stick with) a New Year’s resolution in January? Exactly. Other than an inflated burst of media activity at the start of the New Year reminding you it’s time to take stock, you probably don’t give it much thought.

And here’s why: You’ve already done this – in September! – whether you’re aware of it or not.

Sure, January marks the start of the calendar year, but you’ve long been ahead of the game. In fact, you’ve had to be; it’s difficult enough to get through the chaotic Holiday season without collapsing from exhaustion (and/or severe champagne hangovers), let alone to take the time you truly deserve for honest reflection and introspection.

September, however – makes better sense. It’s already a natural “get your sh*t together” month: You’ve sent the kids back to school; you’ve wrapped up summer vacations and started to think ahead; you’ve starting overhauling your summer wardrobe with warmer pieces for Fall/Winter; you’ve mapped out most of the next few months – including your Holiday travel plans; and, even at the office you’ve prepped for the intensive Fourth Quarter and next year’s First Quarter in SEPTEMBER!

Doesn’t the idea of reflecting, reorganizing and re-tweaking your life make a little more sense now…when you’re refreshed and rejuvenated (and still pumped full of mood-boosting Vitamin D and Melatonin from all of that Summer sun), rather than when you’re exhausted (and slightly strung out on holiday chocolates and wine)?

Exactly…screw New Year’s. It’s time to harness the natural goal-setting power of September!

So, here’s your homework. You’ve automatically been doing a bit of reorganization and logistical housekeeping this time of year all along, but try adding a level of meaningful intent and consciously evaluate your September to-dos. Take the time to think about what the year ahead holds, where you want to go, who you want to be, who you want/need to spend time with, and so on.

While January is all about crossing off the items on your to-do list, make September the month that you add to it – in a truly meaningful, long-term way. Let’s call it the “September Shift” project – where you shift inward for a bit of contemplative perspective and guidance.

Desire Map 1
A wonderful, new resource recently launched (yes, you guessed it…this September!) – the Conversation Starters: A Desire Map App – will help to organically and quickly jumpstart this process. The app is an evolution of the acclaimed The Desire Map series of books & tools from the (awesome) Danielle LaPorte – all aimed to assist you to truly discover the depths of your core feelings.

Consider it a holistic approach to goal-setting (one that will, honestly, slap you upside the head
and wake you up!) So often, most of us aren’t evening chasing a goal – we’re chasing the feeling that we could/should feel when we get it. We’re seeking external validation, when we should be focusing and shifting inward. LaPorte’s tools and approach flips this, helping us to get clear on our feelings first, mapping out intentions second.

The new app, in particular, is perfect for the start of your “September Shift” transformation. With 134 profound, thought-provoking questions designed to encourage meaningful conversations, it will get you asking more of the right questions (to yourself and to those important in your life.) Who knows what you’ll discover – and that’s the point.

The App’s introductory video states, “Every time you truly connect with someone in conversation, your consciousness expands — your potential, your insight, your energy to attract what you want and to get things done.Speak your truth. Listen more closely than you ever have.”

What you hear might surprise you.

More importantly, what you hear might bring forth a few transformative shifts.

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