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Other Ingredients: Filtered Water, Organic Erythritol (Natural Sweetener), Citric Acid, Pyure® Organic Stevia, Organic Raspberry Flavor

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I AM Skinny - Liquid Dietary Supplement


Helps control appetite and reduce body fat* | Helps boost metabolism*

Enjoy an evolutionary, enlightened approach to weight loss with delicious, super nutrient-rich I AM Skinny – the first natural, liquid weight loss formula free of stimulants and artificial ingredients. Let the pounds fall away, as each easy-to-absorb drink helps diminish your appetite, revitalize your metabolism and increase your overall sense of well-being.


Our advanced synergistic formula contains clinically-proven, natural super-ingredients featuring WellTrim IG (African Mango Seed Extract) to decrease appetite and enhance metabolism. Combined with Kokum Fruit, a noted fat metabolizer, and ChromeMate®, a superior, highly absorbable chromium that helps maintain blood sugar levels, I AM Skinny provides the support you need as you move easily toward a slimmer body and radiant new look.


A Smart, Simple Weight Loss Program for Your Lifestyle


We’ve also created a unique 5 Day Plan to make it even simpler for you not only to lose weight, but to develop a new, positive lifestyle approach that supports you on a daily basis in meeting your goals and sustaining healthy weight loss.

Perfectly flavored with organic raspberry and naturally sweetened with stevia, you’ll enjoy every metabolism-boosting taste of I AM Skinny.


Recommended Dosage: Enjoy up to two bottles per day.

Balance with Nourishing Liquid Supplements

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What Makes the I AM Skinny Blend Work

Kokum Fruit Extract (Garcinia indica) – Provides energy boost without a jittery feeling. Helps neutralize free radicals and regulates the metabolism.

African Mango Seed Extract (Irvingia gabonensis) Well Trim® IG (IGOB131®) - Helps control appetite and enhances metabolism. Supports release of fat and healthy cholesterol levels.

Chromium (ChromeMate®) – Promotes healthy blood sugar metabolism and cardiovascular health.

D-Ribose – Plays a key role in metabolism and sustaining energy.

Vitamin B3 – Aids in the functioning of the nervous system.

Niacin – Vital to the nervous system and supporting carbohydrate metabolism.

Vitamin B12 – Essential to the nervous system and energy production.



Think. Shake. Drink. Metabolize.

Sugar-free. Gluten-free. Naturally Sweetened.

Only 5 Calories. No Artificial Flavors or Colors.

Visit the 5 Day Plan to learn more about I AM Skinny and how you can lose weight the enlightened way!

How to Take I AM Skinny To Enjoy All Of Its Benefits

  • Hold the bottle in your hands and feel the positive experience held within.
  • Shake with loving intent and drink!
  • Bring awareness to your intention and how you’ll feel over the next 20 minutes as your body absorbs the formulas.
  • Be grateful for the desired state of being that’s coming to you soon.


"If I change my mind, I change my choices; if I change my choices, I change my life. Be the change you wish to see in the world."—Mahatma Gandhi


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