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Sacral Chakra
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Center Your Sacral Chakra.

Feel uplifted, passionate and fully alive. Awaken joy, playfulness – and pure happiness.

Instantly experience joy and radiant happiness as sadness and depression vanish in one spray of divinely-inspired Bliss by Enlightened Creations. We created it as a perfect marriage of elevated masculine and feminine energies through the union of yang Bergamot oil and lovely yin Jasmine, with warm Carnelian and passionate Fire Agate. This heady, aromatic blend restores positive energy as it stirs the senses. Let laughter, lightheartedness and pure affectionate happiness fill your life and spread divine joy to the world!

We were moved to create this uplifting mist after reading these lines from the mystic poet, Lalla:

“I entered the Jasmine Garden where Shiva and Shakti were making love. I dissolved into them. But what is that to me now? I seem to be here, but really, I’m in the Jasmine Garden.”


  • Hold the bottle in your hands and feel the positive experience held within.
  • Gently shake and set your intention.
  • Spray around your body with conscious, loving intent.
  • Inhale deeply.

What Makes Bliss Chakra Crystal Mist Work

Nightblooming Jasmine – Dissolve depression, fear and tension, while relaxing and uplifting the senses

Bergamot – Relieve anxiety and sadness

Carnelian – Stimulate joy and a sense of protection. Warm the spirit

Fire Agate – Promote a zest for life and enjoyment of everyday pleasures

Tigers Eye – Enhance positive emotions

Mono-atomic Gold Ormus – Awaken a positive outlook and revitalize the spirit

``We are all in the band.`` — Elijah Ray"

Lovingly crafted in the vortex of Sedona, AZ

INGREDIENTS: Purified Sedona Spring Water, Nightblooming Jasmine Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Carnelian Gem Essence, Fire Agate Gem Essence, Tiger’s Eye Gem Essence and Mono-atomic Gold Ormus.