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The 30 Day Raw Food Detox

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The 30 Day Raw Food Detox from Conscious Living on Vimeo.

By Bianca Alexander, Host, Conscious Living TV, I AM Emissary of Light

Many Eastern doctors recommend cleansing four times per year with the turn of the seasons. Like changing the oil in your car every 3,000 miles to keep the engine running smoothly, doing the same for your body can help clear out unseen environmental toxins that lay dormant in your body and can create physical, mental and emotional blockages.

I’ve been detoxing for nearly ten years now, but experienced the deepest, most lasting results after following my first 30 Day raw vegan detox with wellness pioneer Karyn Calabrese. As a long-time vegetarian, the hardest part was thinking differently about the food I eat – especially dairy — and being willing to take more responsibility for my long-term health and wellness.

With the help of herbs, colonics and some of the most delicious raw cuisine I’d ever tasted, the cleanse helped me let go of deep-seated patterns that were unconsciously holding me back from spiritual freedom and my best body. By day 30, I’d not only lost a couple dress sizes but gained a stronger sense of clarity, peace, and perhaps most of all, no longer had a taste for dairy.

With four vegan restaurants, an inner beauty holistic healing center, nutritional supplements and bi-monthly raw food detox classes, for nearly 30 years Karyn has been helping clients around the world transform their lives from the inside out. If you’re new to detoxing, in need of a mind-body-spirit reboot, or searching for inspiration to take your cleansing regime to the next level, watch this episode of Conscious Living®


Bianca is the Creative Director and host of Conscious Living TV. A graduate of Princeton and U.Va Law school, after a successful career as a Hollywood entertainment attorney and later as on-camera talent for hit shows on Lifetime, TV Guide, and TV One, in 2006 Bianca combined her passion for media and justice to create Conscious Living TV along with her husband and business partner Michael. In 20011, she won an EMMY© for her role as “Outstanding On-Camera Correspondent” on Conscious Living TV’s first original series, Soul of Green, a news program about urban sustainability that aired on Fox/WFLD Chicago as part of Next TV. Bianca is a certified yoga instructor and energy healer (2nd degree Reiki master). As a raw/vegan eco-fashionista and world traveler, she is committed to being on the life-long journey towards Conscious Living, one day at a time.

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