I AM draws inspiration from the classical wisdom of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, contemporary studies of the mind-body connection, and advanced nutritional science to develop the most effective, fast-acting and best-researched formulas on the market. We source our wild-crafted botanicals directly from sustainable farms and use our proprietary full-spectrum extraction process to assure quality, potency and bio-availability.

Each bottle of I AM offers you a rich, nutrient-dense blend of botanicals, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that works synergistically to nourish and transform your body, mind and spirit. Our exclusive, single-dose formulas – small enough to carry on the go – work quickly and effectively, often in less than 20 minutes.

Liquid composes up to 75% of our bodies and even more of our brains — the perfect medium for rushing vital nutrients to cells. Scientific research proves that liquid supplements absorb more rapidly and completely into our bodies, resulting in a gentler impact on digestion. I AM develops our ENLIGHTENED NUTRITION supplements and flower essences in liquid form to quickly help you feel, look and be your very best. Our exceptional R&D team, led by a master herbalist, naturopathic doctor, expert food scientist and flavor chemist, creates the safest, most efficacious liquid formula available— and makes them delicious, too.

  • You’re meant to wake up every morning feeling refreshed, re-energized and full of excitement.

  • Each of us should feel healthy and strong enough to repel the effects of travel, stress, pollution and the pressures of daily life.

  • It’s your birthright to feel strong, confident and secure in your ability to achieve your desires.

  • Your natural state is happiness.

At I AM, we believe that everyone has the ability and power to be active participants in maintaining good health. Our minds, our thoughts and our feelings greatly affect our bodies and physical well-being. By taking simple steps to control our thoughts and physical states, we may be able to prevent illness or shorten its stay. Alternative medicine, meditation, relaxation, yoga, hypnosis, homeopathy, psychotherapy, energy healing, guided imagery, biofeedback, proper diet and exercise all provide excellent tools for supporting long-term well-being.

But in our fast-paced, hectic lives, we often don’t have the time or resources to use these approaches consistently to achieve the results we need to stay in balance. So, we designed our formulas and packaging to act as a catalyst in unleashing the transformative power within you.

We created each product to help put you in a desired state of being and improve the quality of your everyday life. In addition to using the finest ingredients available, I AM infuses each bottle with the power of positive, loving intent and draws upon the mind’s ability to control physical health – all in support of strengthening and revitalizing your own mind-body connection.